A precious pregnancy and newborn photofilm

This my brand new product.  Your first gift to your child.  It is a unique lasting keepsake.   A short film sharing your journey with your new baby to be cherished forever.  A precious pregnancy and newborn photofilm made with mummy and daddy.

I decided I wanted to create something totally unique for parents to share with their baby by preserving mummy and daddy’s voices talking about the pregnancy, how having a baby has changed their world and giving advice for baby’s future combined with images and music to make a short film to keep forever.

Why not grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, put your feet up and press play.

[iframe id=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/121458318″]

For me a pregnancy and newborn photofilm is a product that I feel very passionate about and proud to create.

I love to document a new life and to be able to record and preserve mummy and daddy’s voices in a beautiful film as a gift for your child is an incredible thing.  When baby is grown up he/she will be able to listen to how excited or how scared you felt, your thoughts and dreams for them.  Such a powerful and precious keepsake.

It might not mean so much now or in ten or fifteen years but imagine when your child is an adult with their own children, he/she will always have your voice.

If you would be interested in making a photofilm with me please contact me by using the contact form, email or by calling me 0118 9422151.

Watch above and please fell free to share this and give me any feedback by commenting, emailing me or calling me.


tina cleary - Thank you to everyone that has left messages via social media. I have really appreciated all the lovely comments and feedback so far.

Emma - hello Tina, me again !

I was wondering how much you charge for pregnancy photo shoot please ?

tina cleary - Hi Emma Lovely to see you and your friends the other day. You looked wonderful/.

I will email you all the details now.

Best Wishes

Tina x

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