6 months portrait session on the watch me grow baby plan

Check out these gorgeous images of baby Kieron, 6 months portrait session on the  Watch Me Grow Baby Plan.

Kieron is a very special boy, he is my godson’s son and I am really enjoying capturing his first year.

Here are some of my favourite images from the session.

We had such a giggle photographing him with the teddies.  Kieron did not want to let the teddies sit next to him instead choosing to grab them just as we lined them up.  Luckily for us we decided the image we captured below was actually cuter then the one we where aiming for.

We look forward to the next milestone in a few months too.

Five things a pregnant woman cannot live without

I spend lots of time with pregnant woman and would love to help ladies enjoy their bumps even more.

So lets look at Five things a pregnant woman cannot live without.

The VIP group – Five things a pregnant woman cannot live without

I asked the question in my vip group on facebook (a group designed for anyone that has been a client of mine) I loved some of their answers.

1) A big pair of comfy trousers! My dads tracksuit bottoms for me
2) My pregnancy pillow to help me sleep at night
3) Cravings (these included co co pops, strawberry milkshake, tomatoes, crisp cold apples, smarties, cherry aid and salted popcorn)
4) Slippers, comfy pjs
5) Gavison

From a google search – Five things a pregnant woman cannot live without

I also researched the internet as it was over ten years ago for me and things change.

1) An honest pregnancy book that won’t make you feel scared or guilty
2) Good prenatal vitamins
3)  Maternity underwear and larger bras
4)  One maternity outfit that makes you feel fabulous
5)  Comfortable shoes that go with everything

Everything Baby Berkshire’s  – Five services that a pregnant woman should not live without

I can see times have changed since my pregnancies and there are so many fantastic therapists that offer services that are really amazing for pregnant and new mums.

I am a proud member of Everything Baby Berkshire and can personally recommend lots of their services as we often meet each others clients as well as meet up regular ourselves.

Tessa’s yoga – Pregnancy yoga. Yoga for every stage of a woman’s life: Pregnancy, Mother & Baby, and Well Woman classes; Deep Relaxation & Birth Preparation workshops in Caversham.

Linda at Celtic Touch Linda has many talents and has received specialist training in Maternity Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage allowing her to adapt sessions for your changing needs through each trimester. Treatments are on a one to one basis in a secure, relaxing environment with complete confidentiality.

Louise at Reading Hypnobirthing Louise is professional and will make you feel at ease straight away. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques, how to use visualisation to focus your mind, you will be shown HypnoBirthing videos and given demonstrations. At the end of the antenatal course you will be fully equipped for a relaxed birth.

Chris at Time for Pilates Pilates is ideal of women postnatally, as there is lots of strengthening and pelvic floor work. Women should wait until at least 6 weeks after the birth, and should have had their final check up from the doctor, before they resume exercise. Chris runs a specific class for postnatal women, who may bring their babies to the class.

Trish at swimkidz Swimming for pregnanct ladies, babies, toddlers and children. Swimkidz are proud to say they have literally taught thousands of little ones to swim and become safer around water.

My top five – Five things a pregnant woman cannot live without

My pregnancy’s where ten and twenty one years ago now but from what I remember for me I would say it was

1) Maternity clothes – This was the one time in my life where I remember having lots of great quality clothes from different maternity shops
2) Gaviscon – I am pleased to say my pregnancies are the only times in my life I have suffered with heart burn
3) Family – Surrounded by love and positive people
4) A great pregnancy book – With my last pregnancy I enjoyed reading Minus nine to one by Jools Oliver.  After a ten year gap I needed reminding of what was expected etc.
5) A holiday –  It is great to have a rest before baby arrives and get some bump photos in the sun

So here are five top tips from from my gorgeous clients, five researched from the internet, five that I am now aware of since specialising in pregnancy and newborn photography and wish I had could have had and my top five.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps and please feel free to contact me to add to this list 🙂


Do you know your Sacred Money Archetype?

This is a completely different type of post today.

My husband and myself took this test, the results are SO interesting and life changing.

Do you know your Sacred Money Archetype?

Take this quiz and get your partner to take it to.

I am the nurturer.

I am pleased my husbands results where completely different – he is the accumulator. I think we compliment each other.

The results are completely fascinating. I would like to explore my archetype more as I can now see the way I see my world and treat money is completely in line with my archetype – The nurturer.

You will find Denise has got your personality spot on and will learn so much about yourselves.

Studio maternity photography

Maternity photography is such an amazing thing.  We do not have our gorgeous bumps forever.  We may not appreciate how beautiful we looked until later.  I love looking back at pictures of my bumps.  Studio maternity photography is private and we and create so many different styles.

Pregnancy photography with daddy to be is an incredible opportunity to document this really special time in your life.   Your child will look back at the photos in years to come and see just how proud mummy and daddy where.  I have read that family portraits boost kid’s self esteem.   Maternity photography must also be pretty good for nurturing a child’s self image too.

These portraits of a brand new mum and dad to be show so much joy and love.

We did not wait until 34-36 weeks for Tatiana and John’s maternity photo shoot as Tatiana had warned me her bump may get to big by then.

I absolutely loved this photo session with the gorgeous couple.

Here are many of my favourite images from our maternity photography session.

Make over portraits and maternity photography

For some ladies a maternity make over just before the session is perfect to feel pampered and confident.

I now work with quite a few make up ladies that I am happy to recommend.


Berkshire newborn twin photographer – Look at these beautiful newborn girls

Berkshire newborn twins photographer – Look at these beautiful newborn girls

The idea of getting two newborn babies to sleep at the same time used to be scary when starting out on my journey of newborn photography.  However, that did not put me off at all in fact quite the opposite. Now photographing newborn twins is a love of mine, it is very rewarding.  As a Berkshire newborn twins photographer I am very excited for the rest of 2017 photographing more baby twins.

Any baby is a miracle.  Twins truly are a miracle and I hope to produce timeless images to be cherished forever by generations to come and be known as the go to newborn twins photographer.

Thinking ahead in years to come, when the twins become young adults and look back at these images, they will see how tiny and loving they where as newborn babies and I hope it makes their bond even stronger.

Here is my first newborn twins photoshoot in my studio in Berkshire of 2017.  New parent’s Simona & Piers where an absolute pleasure and Thea & Josie where honestly just perfect on the day too.  Witnessing and documenting the love of the girl’s parents towards each other and of their brand new baby girls was beautiful.

Simona and I met when I visited expecting mums at their yoga class with the lovely Tessa of Tessa’s yoga.  I was thrilled when Simona said she was interested in having her twin girls photographed.

My dream is to deliver gorgeous newborn photography.  I am a patient and experienced photographer that loves newborn twin photographs.

Look out out for another newborn twin photography session coming to the blog very soon.

I look forward to meeting up with the lovely family again soon to hand over their wall art.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the session.