Watch Me Grow Baby Plan

What is the Watch Me Grow Baby Plan?

The Watch Me Grow Baby Plan is three photography sessions that capture your babies precious first year with timeless, emotive images which focus on baby and celebrate those once in a lifetime first milestones

The plan includes:

Three photo sessions capturing the most important milestones

3 Months – Look at me on my tummy

6-9 Months – I am sitting now

12 Months –  I am one

A gift at the 1 year session

Exclusive baby plan product guide

Watch Me Grow Baby Plan £99

Each photo session will be relaxed, fun and a chance to be really proud and celebrate your babies milestones such as new expressions capturing babies character, gummy smiles, baby rolling onto his/her tummy and lifting head up, sitting up – these are once in a lifetime milestones.  Documenting the progression of babies precious first year is such a beautiful thing to do.

The Watch Me Grow Baby Plan is perfect for both newborn clients who can move straight onto the plan or for parents who did not have newborn photography so they will not miss out on anything over the year.

For more information, a product guide and to book please call Tina on 0118 9422151 email